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First Post! Welcome!


Thank you for taking the time to view this site! There a lot of chainsaws being juggled here. Much work and progress is happening. I would like to begin showing the work with a little more depth and meaning, process, collaborations ect. It may appear at times I am all over the place with style, medium and format. Truth is there is so much to tell. There are so many ways to communicate. Every form of expression seems to get the attention of different sort of mindset/perspective. I feel it’s a translation of language I’m learning with every medium and format.

If you enjoy one form, but feel like you don’t get another or seems odd and out of place it is. Please don’t feel there is something you don’t get. No one may get it. Often times even I don’t.

I believe we are all vessels. It is certain to me a spirit drives it. A spirit we believe is our own. Is it really our own though?

If a spirit (Electric impulse, or what ever you chose to believe) drives the vessel, then who is to say the spirit belongs to our own of which we know no other form to be the owner controller of it?

This is why I choose to create a visual medium. Asking that question is a dog chasing it’s tale with no end and no certain conclusion. Only theory.

All of my personal work are theories of this. Some of which do not feel like my own. Sometimes it’s like I’m channeling a spirit. I can’t say for sure it’s my own. As per the question previously stated.

I am a vessel. I hope you enjoy the translation attempts.

Thank you David (DCastr) Castro.

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